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Volt XL Screen Printing Machine

Volt L Screen Printing Machine

All-Electric Screen Printing Press

You just can’t beat an electric stroke on an industrial strength solid machine.

Print Area: 20” x 28”
Screen printing machine available in configurations of:
8 stations/6 colors – 20 stations/18 colors

About the VOLT XL

The VOLT XL electric screen printing machine is designed to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for larger print areas. The 20” x 28” print area will handle almost all of your customers’ needs. Speed, reliability, and ease of use are the trademarks of the Volt XL.

The VOLT XL professional electric screen printing press is available in two standard configurations:

  1. The VOLT XL 8 station/6 colors through 12 station/10 colors have a 15” touchscreen mounted on a flexible boom arm that lets you move the controls to any station. (A 17” touchscreen is available as an optional feature.)
  2. 14 station/12 color through 20 station/18 color models come with a stationary 17” touchscreen control panel and individual membrane control panels to give you complete control of each print station. Supports on each print head give you additional support for smooth print runs every time.