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Volt L Screen Printing Machine

Volt L Screen Printing Machine

Fully Electric Professional Screen Printing Press

Maintain the same type of stroke, force and accuracy on a consistent basis—time after time, year after year.

Print Area: 20” x 20”
Screen printing machine available in configurations of:
6 stations/4 colors – 20 stations/18 colors

About the VOLT L

The VOLT L electric screen printing machine is designed for print shops whose customers require a larger print area. The 20” x 20” image area fits the demand for most all over print jobs.

The VOLT L professional electric screen printing press comes in two types of configurations:

  1. The 6 station/4 color through 12 station/10 color models have a 15” touchscreen mounted on a flexible boom arm to let you place the controls where you want them.
  2. The 14 station/12 color and larger Volt L models come with membrane control panels on each print head that allow you to control each station individually. Supports on each print head and a stationary arm for the 17” touchscreen provide support for smooth print cycles even at high speeds.