Printing Top is dedicated to providing the broadest range of innovative and inspired screen printing inks with the highest opacity mixing systems in the market.

Prt Conveyor Press





 Elektric Consumption

13Kw - 380 V - 50 Hz

16Kw - 380 V - 50 Hz

20Kw - 380 V - 50 Hz

24Kw - 380 V - 50 Hz

 Band width

750 mm

1000 mm

1200 mm

1500 mm

 Band Speed

12 m/dk

12 m/dk

12 m/dk

12 m/dk

 Sticking Time

4 - 27 sn

4 - 27 sn

4 - 27 sn

4 - 27 sn


0-6 kg/cm3

0-6 kg/cm3

0-6 kg/cm3

0-6 kg/cm3







650 kg

780 kg

850 kg

950 kg


It blocks the heat with Resistance System. It saves energy.

Independent heat, printing and speed control ensure the best results in sensitive fabrics.

It is used with care in interlining, stone, transfer printing and embroidery works.

The back-to-back, high-capacity air-cooled heat transfer  presses . Only one person or three people can work at the same time. Can be used for interlining in the production of shirts and jackets. It can be worked transfer printing, stone sticking, foil sticking and transfer flock for screen print


  • Printing Top Fusing Press is excellent for foil prints, transfer papers and fusing operations
  • A choice of widths between 100, 120  and 160 cm and up to 70N/cm2 of pneumatic pressure 
  • Equal pressure & temperature distribution ensures homogenous adhesion to the surfaces
  • A special temperature control system ensures exact temperature setting 
  • A non-slip, long life unique belt system
  • Micro-mesh cooling system at the machine's exit
  • Belt reverse feature
  • Automatic cooling mode feature
  • Screen displays warning messages such as “Low Air Pressure”
  • Pneumatic, switch controlled non-slip system
  • High density insulation and special design silicon gaskets reduce heat loss to a minimum
  • The temperature can be set up to 200°C (392°F)
  • It requires an air compressor