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Activator is used to produce PT-EP series  discharge paste which is formaldehyde free.



PT- Activator

General: Ecological discharge paste,

Technical Details :

Appearance  : Powder

Odor   : Charateristic

Color   : White

Boiling Point  : >100°C

Solubility  : Soluble with water


Advantages :

Suitable to ecological standards


Applications :

Ecoflex Activator  is added as between %5-7 in the mix which made from both PT- EP 10 and  PT-EP 20 for produce the discharge paste.


Packaging Information :

Ecoflex Activator is packed in 5 kg plastic cans.


Storage & Shelf Life :

Keep containers dry and tightly closed. Store in a ventilated place between (+5)-(+30) °C/(+41)-(+86)˚F of temperature. It should be consumed within 2 years after the production date.


Important :

The technical application and information that have been given above, are designed only as using instructions. Should not be considered as a warranty for any other use. When any help or assistance is required, our technical department is ready for help.


In case of emergency, Safety Data Sheet of this product should be ready for help at the working area. The warnings are given on safety data sheet of this product is for use outside the manufacturer/ distributor to direct/indirect can not be held responsible for any loss or damage.