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Glitter Powder

PRINTING TOP Glitter Print

Primitively, glitter printing is a type of a transfer printing process. Glitter print makes use of the glittering granules called the glitter powder that after print are easily visible on the fabric.

Glitter print adds shine to the printed area which makes the fabric apt to stitch formal party wear outfits that are a happening choice for all occasions and parties.

Glitter Powder

Glitter powder is a consequence of high temperature resistance of acid and alkaline importer films cut into definite regular patterns of hexagon or square.

The surface is henceforth coated with a specific chemical composition which traps onto light due to which this powder shines very brightly.

Generally, the Glitter powder is PET with standard size of 1/8” to 1/256”.

Glitter inks originate from a metal named as cristalina, small fleck of reflective foil or plastic hovering in a plastisol base.


In order to print, it is first necessary to prepare glitter paste. The technicians add glitter powder to the glitter ink and stir it slowly to so that no lumps are formed into a homogeneous blend. This glitter ink is made up of acrylic co-polymer.

Once the fabric is pre-treated, textile printing technicians commence the printing process on a table.

Screen printing process is used for applying glitter paste on the fabric which is then left for 15 minutes to set in and dry.

Once the glitter dries, the printed fabric is polymerized at a very high temperature - almost 160 degree celsius. Generally, the glitter powder resists up to 170 degree Celsius and is alkaline and acid proof.


With numerous advantages, glitter print is one of the best choices you can make

Glitter printing allows to add sparkle to the fabric
This printed technique can be applied to fabric of any color.
Glitter printed fabrics resist high temperature and are strong pH solvents
Glitter printing is ideal for fashion wear and party wear too.


With the help of this process, decorative designs can be produced on Polo-shirts, t-shirts or other garments.

One can find this technique in laser, rainbow, metallic and iridescent colors and can be creatively used to add essence of glamour in Christmas decoration, screen printing, glass art, cosmetic decoration, nail Polish, fabric, shoe material, ornament, crafts, etc.