Printing Top is dedicated to providing the broadest range of innovative and inspired screen printing inks with the highest opacity mixing systems in the market.


PRINTING TOP offers textile pallets in a wide range of standard and specific-use styles and sizes.
Specific-use pallets include
All-Over Print (AOP); Double Half-Wing;
Oversize; Single-Sleeve; Triple Play; and Tru-Blu Ultra-Flat. All major brand pallets use premium components, are built to exacting specifications, and are designed to fit a wide variety of textile presses.

All-Over-Print (AOP) Pallets give operators oversize and all-over print capability, and they’re
approved for use on a wide
variety of Automatic Textile Presses (contact us for details).
Strong and light, AOP Pallets are available in various standard sizes, with custom sizes also available.

Tru-Blu Ultra-Flat Pallets are the flattest pallets in the industry. Each Tru-Blu Pallet
is guaranteed to be within +/- .0254 cm
(.010") of absolute flat. That’s a 50% improvement over typical pallets,
which can vary +/- 0.0381 cm (.015")—or more. Ultra-flat and exceptionally stable, Tru-Blu Pallets give printers the best possible screening surface for enhanced color registration.

Double Half-Wing Pallets, with fixed ‘lobes’ instead of pivoting arms, enable single-operator shirt loading.

Triple Play Pallets address a wide range of printing needs. The torsion bar support system enables outrigger-style pallets to handle heavy print loads without flexing or drooping. It also allows users to load more than one garment at a time and
facilitate loading small size long sleeve shirts without interference. The sleek design
and large cutouts maximize
clearance when loading large or bulky garments, and the rubber- covered printing surface helps to enhance print quality.

Single-Sleeve Pallets, when combined with major brand presses’ low-profile pallet arms, enable easy printing of garment sleeves and other narrow items.

Oversize Pallets are available in standard sizes up to 49” x 49”
( 125 cm x 125 cm ) and in custom sizes